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How It All Started

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Hello again! In this post, I thought I'd share the story of how my photography journey started.

As you might have read in my previous post, I have two beautiful children.

Back in 2015 when my first child was born, I wanted to book a newborn session but newborn photography wasn't as popular as it is now, especially in Qatar.

Most of the photographers that I found were doing lifestyle rather than posed photography, which is not what I was looking for. I had my mind set on a certain photographer who wasn't available at the time, so I thought I'd try and take the photos myself. Why not, right?!

Now, I already had the equipment as my partner is a hobby photographer who mostly does landscape photography in his free time (not too often anymore since the kids came along), and I thought I had the vision. I won't lie though, my daughter's photos were not even close to what I envisioned but the whole experience pushed me in the right direction and helped me get to where I am today!

Here is a little before and after from my first sessions with clients back in 2018, and a couple of my recent client galleries this year. What a difference a lot of hard work can do!!!

Starting Up

I opened up my home based studio in Qatar back in 2018 and surprisingly, I started getting enquiries as soon as I posted my first ad. It was exciting and overwhelming at the same time.

If I had to guess, I would say that my success was due to the lack of newborn photographers at the time. Newborn photography was new and creatively beautiful, everyone wanted to get photos of their newborn babies! Soon after, we decided that it would be best for our family to make a move and here we are, 3 years later, having to start a new business all over again.

Starting Up Again

Moving to Brisbane has been, by far, the best decisions we have made for our little family. However, starting up a new business in a new location while not knowing anyone has been more than difficult. Not impossible though!

I've had my home based studio running for nearly two years now and I couldn't be more grateful. It's filled with lots of beautiful props and accessories for the littlest of my clients and I absolutely love every part of it!

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