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From DIY Disaster to Dream Job

My Newborn Photography Journey


Hi everyone! Today, I'm getting real about how a new mom's quest for the perfect photo turned into my dream career – newborn photography!

When my first little one arrived, I, like many parents, craved those picture-perfect newborn portraits. But back then (let's just say a few years ago!), this style wasn't as common, especially where I lived.

Determined to capture those precious early moments, I borrowed my partner's camera and dove in headfirst...naively optimistic! While the results weren't quite Pinterest-worthy, that experience sparked a passion for newborn photography.

Fast forward a few years, and by 2018, I launched my home-based newborn photography studio! The journey wasn't always smooth sailing. After a few successful years, our family decided to embark on a new adventure, which led us to beautiful Brisbane! Starting over wasn't easy, but here I am, six years later, with a thriving home studio filled with adorable props for my tiniest clients.

Every session brings me immense joy, and I can't wait to capture more precious newborn moments for families here in Brisbane!

What's next?

Feeling inspired to capture your own newborn's magic? Let's chat! I'd love to hear your vision and create timeless memories for your growing family.

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